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Why Work with Gradient Ascent?

Because we’ve done it before. Over 60 times since our founding in 2017. From GenAI to Powerful Predictive Models, we’ve focused exclusively on building data science, AI, and machine learning products and intellectual property for our clients from Day 1!

From GenAI to accurate predictive models

Gen AI

Partnering with our client’s data scientists, Gradient Ascent crafted seven powerful AI models to form a cutting-edge Generative AI engine.


Enter Gradient Ascent with a solution for scalable growth! We collaborated with our client’s team to transform process improvement into cutting-edge product innovation.

Predictions & Forecasting

Facing data limitations, Gradient Ascent pioneered a feature engineering approach.

Computer Vision

Collaborating with the client, Gradient Ascent pioneered a state-of-the-art sensor inspection system. By harnessing computer vision and defect-detection models enriched with in-house expertise, we delivered a scalable solution.

What We Do: Our Services

Your On-Demand AI and
Data Science Experts

We combine a design-thinking approach with our deep technical knowledge, creativity, passion and development muscle to help software and product companies ideate, plan for, build, and launch disruptive AI and machine learning products that build lasting competitive advantage!

Ideation Workshops

Not sure where to start with AI? Our ideation workshops will guide your team to uncover your best opportunities to build your competitive advantage with AI.

AI Advisory Services

Looking for expert AI leadership? Think of us as your Fractional Chief AI Officer, advising and building your team’s competency on all things AI.

Model Development

Need to build and launch faster? We know how to minimize wasted resources and effort, helping you build and launch your AI in weeks, not months.

How We Work

Don’t Just Build AI.
Become an AI Company

Building winning data-powered products is about more than just code. We believe winning with AI requires creativity, courage, passion and a methodical approach. We help our partners build more than products, we build competency and competitive edge through our four pillars to AI development.

Our Approach


AI requires a different way of thinking. Unlike traditional software development, AI doesn’t simply ‘work’ or ‘not work’. Instead, AI needs to be approached with a mindset of maximizing learning and clear definitions and measures of success.

Data is the fuel for any AI project. Without relevant, well structured, and sufficient data your AI engine will run out of gas before it even gets to the starting line.

AI talent is still difficult to access.
While the talent pool is rapidly expanding in this space, building experienced teams will continue to be an obstacle for several years.

There is no ‘silver bullet’ tool that will ensure your AI projects are a success. Instead of expending time and resources stressing over your tech stack, focus instead on building a stack that maximizes flexibility, learning, and feedback so that it is easier to improve over time.

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Delivering Real Impact, Not Hype

“They brought a “product” mindset to AI development:end-to-end thinking, transparency, customer empathy, and, most importantly, pragmatism. We love that they are passionate about moving quickly and shipping early + often.”

Robin Hopper
CEO, Guestlogix


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