Automated QC for Manufacturing of Scientific Equipment


Our client, a manufacturer of precision biological research equipment, needed a way to make their quality control process for checking sensor quality significantly more efficient and cost effective. Before working with Gradient Ascent, the client relied on a PhD qualified candidate to manually inspect each sensor unit as it completed production. Between the high cost of paying an expert to perform this task and the hours lost that this same expert could have been doing more impactful research or value-creating work, this was a critical area for improvement.   


Gradient Ascent worked with the client to create a new sensor inspection system, leveraging computer vision and defect-detection models trained with the knowledge of their in-house experts. This scalable solution was built with flexibility in mind so that it could be further improved or modified as needed by the client over time as changes in their product or production process are implemented.


Over 50% Reduction in Staff Workload

By working with Gradient Ascent to build this new system, our client was able to reduce workload for their PhD qualified staff by over 50%, drastically reducing the cost of manufacturing these sensors as well as creating new IP for the company.

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