Automated QC for Manufacturing of Scientific Equipment


Our client, a manufacturer of precision biological research equipment, needed a way to make their quality control process for checking sensor quality significantly more efficient and cost effective. Before working with Gradient Ascent, they depended on a PhD qualified candidate to manually inspect each sensor unit post-production. This costly and time-consuming approach hindered valuable research efforts and demanded a crucial improvement.


Collaborating with the client, Gradient Ascent pioneered an state-of-the-art sensor inspection system. By harnessing computer vision and defect-detection models enriched with in-house expertise, we delivered a scalable solution. Designed for flexibility, the system can evolve seamlessly with the client’s changing product or production processes.


Over 50% Reduction in Staff Workload

Partnering with Gradient Ascent to develop the innovative system, our client slashed the workload for their PhD-qualified staff by over 50%. This not only significantly lowered the manufacturing costs for sensors but also spurred the creation of valuable new IP for the company.

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