Forecasting Model Improvement For E-Commerce Growth Capital


A financial firm specializing in providing growth capital to e-commerce companies, faced challenges with their forecasting model which was crucial for predicting a company’s profitability and making lending decisions. Despite having a data science team, their product struggled in performance, hindering their ability to scale. The model’s inadequacy stemmed from using a singular approach to forecast diverse sets of data, including marketing, sales history, accounting, and banking data.


 Gradient Ascent engaged with Clearbanc to revitalize their forecasting strategy. Our approach involved coaching and providing product management services to foster a more innovative environment. We conducted a thorough assessment of their existing models and pinpointed the core issues. By diversifying the modeling techniques and enhancing both team velocity and model quality, we tailored a more robust forecasting framework suitable for their varied data streams.


The improvements in the forecasting models led to significant advancements in lending decision automation. Clearbanc experienced measurable success following our intervention, notably in their ability to scale operations and extend more capital efficiently to growing e-commerce ventures. This transformation has positioned Clearbanc as a stronger player in the financial sector, ready to capitalize on new opportunities with enhanced predictive capabilities.

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