Gen AI for Retail & E-Commerce Company


 The customer wanted to find a way to significantly disrupt the customer journey for customers who lacked access to design assets like a custom designed logo. Ultimately, their goal was to empower small businesses to create branded print products like business cards, flyers, and more without the need to either create their own logo or hire an expensive design company to create one for them. Many of these customers don’t have a logo or company branding and don’t know where to begin, which ultimately could prevent them from purchasing customized print marketing materials.


Gradient Ascent worked with the client’s in-house team of data scientists to develop seven different AI models, creating a Generative AI engine that takes user inputs such as business name, location, and other basic information provided by the user and then generates a set of logo designs which the user can choose from and refine further as desired. 

Each of the seven models we developed solved one specific challenge in translating basic text inputs into context appropriate logo designs. This included things like choosing icons based on keywords and making layout choices, such as where to insert line breaks in multi-word business names.


10x Return on Investment

Our client was able to successfully launch a new, value-add GenerativeAI product offering in 2022, well ahead of the hype around Generative AI. After launching this product, our customer was able to significantly increase revenue by increasing their cross-sell rate to other products and improving their conversion rate, providing a roughly 10x return on their investment. 

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