Gen AI for Retail & E-Commerce Company


Our client aimed to empower small businesses by revolutionizing design for print marketing! Their vision was to disrupt the customer journey by enabling businesses to effortlessly create their own branded print materials–no logo or expensive design services required.


Partnering with our client’s data scientists, Gradient Ascent crafted seven powerful AI models to form a cutting-edge Generative AI engine. Users input basic details such as business name and location, and the engine generates a set of logo designs. Each of the seven models solved intricate challenges like icon selection and layout decisions for multi-word business names.


10x Return on Investment

Our client boldly introduced a high-value Generative AI product in 2022, seizing an early advantage in the market. This strategic move not only boosted revenue through enhanced cross-selling, but also delivered an impressive 10x return on investment! They secured improved conversion rates and captured the market ahead of the Generative AI wave.

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