Multi-Use Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring


During the height of the global COVID pandemic, Gradient Ascent was approached by customers across several industries seeking a solution to improve workplace safety and ensure compliance with PPE guidelines designed to protect the lives of employees. These customers were looking for a flexible solution that would not only monitor compliance without storing personal data (like facial recognition data), but could also help to encourage active participation by workers.


Gradient Ascent built an AI-enabled software platform, called, that combined NLP and speech recognition with computer vision and object detection models to create an intuitive compliance monitoring system that could be deployed cost-effectively on mobile devices such as iPads. With devices positioned outside of entrances to workplace facilities, individuals could simply answer prompts given by the system, put on any required PPE, and then be approved for entry to the worksite.


50% Reduction in PPE Non-Compliance

Across the environments where Greeter was deployed, our customers saw over 50% reduction in PPE non-compliance, meaning a safer workplace for all. 

“Greeter was very easy to implement and our staff didn’t need any additional training to use it.  One of the benefits is that it frees up our team so they can focus more time on direct client care.  This innovation helps keep our clients, staff, volunteers, peers and trainees safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” – Dr. Edward Kucharski

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Empowering Safety with AI

Greeter’s Revolutionary AI-Powered Protection Transcends Industries

Build Zero Injury Industrial

Greeter delivers immediate and measurable health & safety improvements in manufacturing, mining, power generation, agricultural and other industries. Protect your workers now!

Automated Healthcare & COVID Compliance

Greeter is the swift, compliant COVID screening solution in North American hospitals and clinics. With Greeter, medical facilities free up scarce human resources to maximize frontline care.

AI-Powered Protection For Industrial Workers

Improving Health & Safety Inside Operating Facilities

Greeter is a fast, easy-to-deploy solution to keep workers out of harm’s way. This iOS app (available for download on the App Store) uses state-of-the-art AI computer vision to automatically remind workers when they’re not wearing PPE (try it by downloading here). Delivering a 50% increase in PPE compliance, Greeter is transforming safety standards across power generation, mining and other industrial facilities.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Just as AI fuels self-driving cars, Greeter aspires to create zero-injury workplaces. Beyond PPE compliance, our dedicated team of engineers and data scientists is tirelessly innovating, working towards new health and safety solutions that will redefine industry standards. Exciting developments lie ahead as we continue to shape the future of workplace safety with Greeter.

What Others Have to Say

“Greeter is an integral part of a holistic approach to health & safety and a new means to close the gap.”

Allan Cramm
VP of Innovation — Novamera Inc.

Create a Safer Workplace with AI

Greeter has a proven track record of improving health and safety inside operating facilities.

AI-Powered Protection For Healthcare Workers

Automated Entry Screening

Greeter is the quick, easy and compliant screening solution deployed in hospitals & clinics across North America.

Deploy friendly & fast online pre-screening that complies with regulations.

Ensure privacy-compliant screening with our secure and configurable surveys. Perfect for patients, visitors, and staff and conducted pre-arrival.

Redeploy entry screening personnel with automated on-site screening.

Download Greeter app to a tablet, and place it at your entrance. It detects approaching individuals, guiding them through the screening protocol using just their voice.

Cut Costs & Save Time

Reduce Line-Ups

Keep People Safe

Comply with Regulations

What Others Have to Say

“Greeter was very easy to implement and our staff didn’t need any additional training. It freed up our team’s time so they could focus on direct client care.”

Dr. Edward Kucharski
Chief Medical Officer — Casey House

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Automated On-Site Screening

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