Pioneering Video Conferencing Platform


Pre-pandemic and pre- video-conferencing boom, our client Iotum, a  long-time leader in web conferencing solutions, took a forward-looking approach to enhancing the value of their CallBridge platform by adding auto-generated call insights from call recordings. With a lack of historical or conversational data to work with, and high levels of “noise” on the available call data, Gradient Ascent was tasked with methodically solving a series of smaller problems to create a useful solution.


By starting with a lean and learning focused approach first, we helped Iotum build the world’s first smart video conferencing solution. With call transcription built in and call insights automatically generated based on the discussion in the call, CallBridge users could easily revisit what occurred on a call to drive more impact and value from every meeting.


Increased Revenue & Rapid New User Growth

 The launch of the new CallBridge product was greeted by wide adoption from Iotum’s existing customers, rapid new user growth, as well as increased revenues.

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