Private Equity Backed B2B Call Intelligence Platform


Transforming the auto dealer game! We partnered with a private equity backed software startup, experts in call monitoring for the automotive industry. Their intelligent software extracts sales insight gold from thousands of monthly calls, but human summaries slowed them down and made them prone to errors. And scaling? A hiring and training nightmare!


Enter Gradient Ascent with a solution for scalable growth! We collaborated with our client’s team to transform process improvement into cutting-edge product innovation. Our mission? Automate call summaries and slash per-call costs. Result? 12 meticulously crafted NLP models for data extraction and analysis. The impact? Supercharged productivity, a focus on higher value contributions, and a competitive edge with brand-new intellectual property. Investors, buckle up! Confidence is soaring, and scalable growth opportunities are knocking.


$1 Million in Additional Annual Profit

Following the implementation of Gradient Ascent’s cutting-edge NLP engines, our client achieved an extraordinary milestone, unlocking an additional $1 million in annual profit. This impressive leap is just the beginning, with projections indicating sustained growth fueled by the newfound scalability of their call review and insight extraction process.

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