Private Equity Backed B2B Call Intelligence Platform


CallRevu: A Private Equity backed software startup, specializes in call monitoring & intelligence software tailored specifically for the automotive dealership industry. They deliver value by extracting sales insights from hundreds of thousands of calls being run through CallRevu’s platform each month. Limitations of the human-driven call summary process meant that this process was slow and error prone. Additionally, scaling call volume, and therefore revenue, was heavily restricted by the need to recruit, train, and invest capital resources into adding new team members.


Gradient Ascent worked with the CallRevu team to identify how we could turn process improvement into product innovation. With the clear objective of automating the call summary process and reducing per-call-cost, we developed 12 finely tuned NLP models for data extraction and analysis. These tools not only empowered their human workforce to multiply productivity and focus on higher value contributions, but also created a competitive edge and new IP for CallRevu, boosting investor confidence and providing more scalable growth opportunities.


$1 Million in Additional Annual Profit

After implementing the NLP engines created by Gradient Ascent, CallRevu was able to unlock an additional $1 Million in annual profit with this number projected to continue growing thanks to the new-found scalability of their call review and insight extraction process.

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