VC Backed B2B Travel Tech Company


Our client, a B2B travel tech company providing services for airlines, wanted to add a new product offering that would help their customers reduce fuel and food waste while  improving in-flight revenue from food and beverages. In order to do this, they needed to help their customers better predict which food and beverage items would be most likely to sell on any given flight and in what volumes, so that they could stock only what was most likely to be consumed. With limited data available and constantly changing product SKUs this challenge required out-of-the-box thinking.


Working with limited data, including missing important metrics such as the number of passengers on each flight, Gradient Ascent was able to build a forecasting model that could much more accurately predict demand for different product types on any given flight.


25% Lift: Soaring Over Old Models

Our model outperformed traditional methods for making stocking decisions, providing a 25% lift over the old models used by airlines.

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